The power solution for construction of Grand power targets specially to buildings such as High-rise houses, hotel, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices, and schools, making sure the stable operation of power supply.
Easy operation, convenient maintenance, 100% service satisfaction to Customer

Manufacturing, Retailing, Recreational Industry

Grand general power solution has already provided power supply to several industries.
Totally connected with computer with automation and no-guard.
Equipped with control system of AMF function, making sure that system power can be instantly supplied when main power is off.

Transportation Industry

Grand power solution for infrastructure keeps the facilities of the airports,sea port and the train stations safe.
Ensuring the perfect and quite environment for staffs to work and passengers to ride.
Reliable, timed, economic and all-day power supply.


The reliable and stable power supply system of Grand can continuously and stably power up the large amount of electric devices used in the financing field.
The Power supply is totally worry-free by using unique redundancy protection.
Ultra low noise, low emission, anti-jamming and instant star.

Mining Field

We provide reliable power systems and fast delivery, which can maximize uptime even under the most challenging energy and environmental conditions. We ensure the provision of reliable and high-quality power, and have developed complete power generation and related solutions for mining and industrial fields.